Boudoir photography, bringing sexy back to Newcastle

As a woman, the need to express being sexy is often mistaken as slutty. This generally results in most women simply shying away from expressing themselves and their beauty. Being a woman and being able to showcase yourself seductively, without the sleaze is a unique art, an art which one local resident is capturing brilliantly.

This is no raunchy photo shoot, it is an empowering decision, which is known as a Boudoir photo session. An experience which puts emphasis on a woman’s beauty, not sexualising it.

“I have always liked to put emphasis on a woman’s beauty, irrespective of her size, race or anything else. Furthermore, as a photographer, I also like to be different and offer people something out of the ordinary,” says photographer Danielle Summerfield.

But why Boudoir photography? What does Danielle find so elegant in it?

“I would have to say it is a woman’s natural lines, her curves, her face and body structure which makes a Boudoir photo session so elegant.”

With women posing in lingerie and other seductive positions, how does Danielle respond to those who might say this art form is over sexualising women?

“I have never had anybody criticise the Boudoir photo shoots. In fact, I have had a lot of conservative women come to me to find out more about the shoots. The market for Boudoir photography is classy and subtle, instead of raunchy. There is also nothing wrong with a woman expressing herself,” Danielle explains.

So what does it actually entail?

Danielle explains it is a session which aims to make a woman feel sexy about herself, using lingerie, bikinis and even bedtime wear.

“It is a sexy personal shoot. For some women it boosts their confidence, being able to see themselves as who they are. It can also be used as a gift for one’s partner.  It is all about bringing sexy back.”

Offering a fun and unique photo shoot, Danielle makes it her mission to always think outside of the box. “The best photo shoot experience is outdoors, which involves hiking. This becomes an overall adventure and great memory.”

With a certain degree of curiosity surrounding Boudoir photography, what if a stranger sees the photos?

Danielle emphasises all photoshoots are very discreet and private, which means no other person will view the photos without the model’s permission.

Determined to bring sexy back, will you consider doing a Boudoir photo shoot? If so, Danielle Summerfield can be contacted via her Facebook page: Danielle Summerfield – Real Estate Photographer (click here).

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