Taggart’s Plumbing CC, where dedication meets service

When it comes to plumbing, Taggart’s Plumbing CC is a name that Newcastillians can rely on. A local brand which has stood the test of time and is going strong.

Taggart’s Plumbing CC was established in 1971 by John Taggart, a man whose passion lay in his career and the community he loved with all his heart.

Such was his love for his profession, his son Dudley Taggart was drawn into the industry before eventually taking over the business.

“I joined my father in 1999 and I helped grow the business, taking on insurance work. At the time, there were not many plumbers who did insurance work and if someone had an issue with a geyser, it was usually considered wear and tear,” explains Dudley.

“I love being able to start and finish a job, seeing that it is done correctly.”

What makes Taggart’s Plumbing CC so special?

“Our consistency,” enthuses Dudley, explaining Taggart’s Plumbing prides itself on its high level of unwavering quality and ethics.

“We never use sub-standard materials; don’t take short cuts and we do not overprice people.”

As Newcastle grows and changes through the power of technology and national trends, Taggart’s Plumbing CC is a business at the heart of our beautiful community which is here to stay.

Always striving to provide quality work, Taggart’s Plumbing CC is set to continue providing the Newcastle community with good workmanship and quality service.

Be sure to call them for all your plumbing needs today.

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