Does Newcastle need a Strip Club? We chatted to locals

In small cities and towns around South Africa, there seems to be to a moral duality which exists. Firstly, the public set of morals. This is where people showcase their strong belief system in all its glory, going against anything which is not “correct” in the eyes of their faith or community. And then…there is the side to people which would ruin them in that very same community, if the community knew about what they got up to behind closed doors.

As a media company, we hear everything, we get to learn about peoples deepest and darkest secrets, people who in the public eye are seen as “good, upstanding citizens” but in actual fact have skeletons in their cupboards which “skrik vir niks”. From swingers clubs and hat parties to drug abuse, prostitution and everything in between.

So in these dual communities, is there space for something open? Something which is not prostitution, but rather a business filled with well paid, legs for days, double D woman, polishing a pole with their spinning moves?

While strip clubs can be found in various cities and countries, how do Newcastillians view a strip club opening in Newcastle? We asked the community their thoughts and this is what they have to say.

Anthony Page:

“No, not as it stands at present. We don’t have normal clubs in town. A lot of younger people are going out of town to study and when they come back, there is nothing for them here in the sense of entertainment such as there is in the cities. Then there are those who come and visit Newcastle from out of town. So, before considering opening a strip club, I think a decent club should first be opened. Also, taking the sense of the town in regard, there is no need for a strip club in Newcastle.”

Erika de Lange:

“It would not make a difference to me. I am not a person who goes out, preferring the comfort of my own home. But I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing. In a sense, if does promote job creation and entertainment for the lonely people, but I reckon the older generation will frown on it.”

Simon Madida:

“No, I don’t think there should be a strip club in Newcastle. I am just thinking that it could lead to rape because if the man likes the woman and wants to propose to her afterwards, and she rejects him, he might take what he wants forcefully.”

Ntokozo Nxumalo:

“No, not at all. What will a strip club teach our youth? That it’s okay to take your clothes off for money at night? The younger generation needs to know that you have to work hard for what you want. Then as a Christian, I believe the body is a temple of God and you should not advertise what you have.”

Niren Singh:

“Newcastle does not need a strip club. It is a waste of time. You are only going to see something which your girlfriend or wife can show you in the privacy of your own home. A strip club will only cause marital problems. We rather need a decent entertainment club in town.”

Lynn Tommy:

“Definitely not. We will have all the married men there and what will happen to marriages and families in town? While some might see it as a form of entertainment, it will cause divorces.”

What are your views on a strip club opening in Newcastle? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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One thought on “Does Newcastle need a Strip Club? We chatted to locals

  • 22nd May 2019 at 2:21 pm

    We are a fairly good family based town. We should open more companies that can assist and sustain our youths getting into trade. Stop the high pregnancy rate with scholars. Get people into parenting classes. Get to the root of unemployment and crime. Strip club will strip fmilies of whatever little they have. NOOOOO!!!


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