Hack Attack Social Golf League tees off first annual golf day

Laughter fills the air, as an atmosphere of camaraderie prevails at Newcastle Golf Club on Saturday, May 18.

The day marks a special occasion for golfing enthusiasts. It is the first annual Hack Attack Social Golf League Golf Day.

Breaking away from the mundane, the Hack Attack Social Golf League focuses on promoting the sport of golf while allowing players the opportunity to socialise and enjoy a day in the sun with friends, in a relaxed yet competitive environment.

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As the first annual golf day, the day was one of sportsmanship, fun and making a positive impact on the community.

Jarryd Bach, Hack Attack Social Golf League’s Vice-President, says a staggering 86 players joined in on the day, with seven watering holes giving golfers the opportunity to quench their thirst whilst enjoying a great round of golf.

The XTEC team at their watering table.

“We appreciate all the players coming out and supporting the day. We truly had a good turnout for the first golf day. A special thank you goes out to all 32 of our sponsors for contributing to the day.”

As a community-based golf league, a percentage of the day’s proceeds went to Home Meah. “With all the drama the home faced earlier this year, we know they must have taken a substantial knock in support. Therefore, we would like to support them, as the home plays a positive role within our community.”

Craig Pedersen, Craig Elliot, Struan Wade and Tyron Roux.

With the Hack Attack Social Golf League Golf Day under the belt, the league is now planning its monthly golfing event.

The Hack Attack Social Golf league takes place on the first Sunday of every month, alternating between Kilbarchan, Vulintaba and Newcastle Golf Clubs.

For more information on joining the Hack Attack Social Golf League, be sure to contact:

President of Hack Attack Social League, Almero Roux: 072 117 2903

Vice-President, Jarryd Bach: 076 463 8619

Club Captain, Bryan Boardman: 072 290 1501

Treasurer, Bennie van Vuuren: 071 866 6082.

Almero and Linique Roux with Bryan and Carlinè Boardman.
Caryn Bach, Mo’Nique Roux and Mijette van Vuuren.
Kobus Alberts, Peet du Bruyn, Xander du Plessis and Matthew Bach.
Craig Pedersen tees off.
Craig Elliot shows how its done on the green, with Tryon Roux watching on.
Benita Glutz, Bernice Brits, Jenre Smith and Jessica Olivier.

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