NTT Isuzu’s Mariesa Verwey shares her journey in the automotive world

Through the years, the automotive industry has been viewed as a male-dominated business sector.

Yet, there are women who thrive in the industry, displaying a vast amount of knowledge, passion and professionalism.

One such person is Mariesa Verwey, the Assistant Manager at NTT Isuzu’s Service Department. With a deep-seated passion for her career, how did Mariesa find herself journeying with NTT Isuzu?

“I worked at a glass company, going around to car dealerships every day to repair chips on windscreens for customers”, says Mariesa. “After working for the business for three years, it closed down in October 2015. By the grace from above around the same time, the service manager at NTT Isuzu offered me a position as a service advisor.”

Since then, Mariesa has never looked back and finds herself loving NTT Isuzu just as much now, as she did when she began nearly four years ago.

But what made her accept the job at NTT Isuzu and start a career in the Automotive industry?

“I’ve always had a thing for engines. When I was a little girl, my dad used to work on vehicles. I always got to strip the engines for him and it was fun,” Mariesa laughs.

Mariesa says as a child, she always thought she would eventually become a mechanic and own her own workshop.

“But as we grow up, things change but the interest with vehicles always stayed with me. When NTT Isuzu gave me the chance for my first step into the automotive industry I grabbed it with open arms”, says Mariesa. “They presented me with a great opportunity which nobody else did, as prior to NTT Isuzu, I never had an opportunity to shine. They gave me hope and best of all, they had no idea up to today how much they did for me and how grateful I am to them. They gave me a chance to make something of myself and made me believe in myself.”

What defines Mariesa from others in similar posts?

“I think it is to always be fair to your co-workers and to your customers”, says Mariesa thoughtfully. “Always going the extra mile no matter what it may take, also makes a big difference.”

Looking back on her career and journey with the NTT Group, what stands out the most for Mariesa?

“Working hard always pays off at the end of the day. The NTT Group motivates you to always better yourself.  You are not just a number but family”, says Mariesa with an air of satisfaction.

Dedicated to NTT Isuzu, what does Mariesa think makes NTT Isuzu stand out from the crowd and the service it provides to their customers?

“We build trust and relationships with our customers. We are also always friendly and playful with our customers, because what would our world be without a friendly smile and trust? The customer always comes first and we at NTT Isuzu always help where we can,” explains Mariesa.

As she embraces her career, Mariesa reminds people that they are more than just customers at NTT Isuzu.

Mariesa concludes: “The message I would like to leave people with, is that they will always come first. They aren’t just customers to us, but family, and family always sticks together. We will always be there for our customers and provide the best service we can, no matter what”.

As an assistant service manager at NTT Isuzu, Mariesa is a true gem whose work ethic reflects the values that NTT Isuzu holds dear.

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