Eric Kubheka, Carnegie Art Gallery’s guardian

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In the silence of the Carnegie Art Gallery, vivid images and captivating sculptures speak volumes to guests. Each piece of art conveying a unique message, telling a story.

Working tirelessly at the art gallery, dedicating his time and life to art is Eric Kubheka. “I am the education officer and tour guide. I also work with schools in the Amajuba District, teaching them to use waste material to create sculptures. Then, I also put up and dismantle exhibits at the gallery,” Eric explains.

Joining the Carnegie Art Gallery in 2014, where does Eric’s passion for art come from?

“I’ve always loved art and I remember while herding cattle as a child, I would make cows out of clay,” says Eric with a smile.

After his school career, Eric obtained his BA in Fine Art at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. “I am fascinated by sculpting, art, anthropology and the various cultures in both South Africa and around the world”.

As an avid painter and sculptor, Eric is also a passionate muralist and enjoys working with multi-media platforms.

As he embraces his love for art on a daily basis, why does Eric feel art is so important in life?

“Art is a form of freedom of expression, which is why it is so important in life. Schools often don’t give art classes and this is denying children the opportunity to express themselves”, he says.

Eric elaborates further by explaining how art is therapeutic, opening people up to creativity and the world around them. “Each person also has a specific colour which is uniquely theirs. I like to call it their “true colour”. Over the years I have met a lot of artists. Just by looking at a painting, I know it is a specific artist just because of their colour”, explains Eric.

With a deep-seated passion for art, Eric is set to use his knowledge and love for art to promote an artistic way of life at Carnegie Art Gallery for years to come.


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