Dr Junaid Zondi on his journey into Ophthalmology

The medical world is one of diversity; one where doctors specialise in an array of specialist fields in the fight against illness and pain.

Keeping a watchful eye over Newcastle’s community is Dr Junaid Zondi who specialises in Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology combines the disciplines of medicine and surgery that deal with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.

Where did his journey in ophthalmology begin?

His journey began after completing his undergraduate studies at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, before doing his internship at Somerset Hospital in Cape Town prior to doing his community service in Dundee.

“It all began when I was doing my community service at Dundee Hospital, where I witnessed Dr Ramdharee doing cataract surgery. I started joining him and fell in love with eyes. After my community service year, I decided to apply for a specialisation post which I got at the prestigious University of Cape Town, where I became a member of the College of Ophthalmologists and received my Master of Medicine Degree in 2015”, says Dr Zondi.

By completing his studies, a world of opportunity lay before him, culminating in him coming to Newcastle.

“I am a local, born and bred in Dundee and I have a very special place in my heart for this community. I could also see the need for eye services in this District, as it is so underserviced”, says Dr Zondi. “Also, as part of giving back to the community, it felt right to come back home and offer the skills that I acquired in my training over the years.”

Looking back on his life, prior to opening his practice in ophthalmology, what stands out for Dr Zondi?

Prior to opening his practice in ophthalmology, Dr Zondi attempted to gain as much experience as possible in other disciplines. “This led me to obtain a Diploma in Mental Health, and this for me stands out,” Dr Zondi says.

With his practice situated on York Street, Dr Zondi explains that the community can receive the best medical care.

“This is a comprehensive eye practice which caters for most, if not all eye problems. We are readily available, more often than not and are highly specialised in the field of ophthalmology. We are striving to make specialised eye services available to patients. Without them having to travel long distances to Durban or Johannesburg”, says Dr Zondi with a sense of satisfaction.

Furthermore, Dr Zondi says for him and his team, this is more than a profession; it is a passion.

“We are friendly, accommodating and open on weekends, always putting our patients first. We are a ‘rainbow practice’, catering to patients in all commonly spoken languages. Which makes us easily accessible”, says Dr Zondi.

“Furthermore, We are also affordable and perform surgeries that are not yet offered in this District. Namely, Retinal Surgery and Corneal Transplants. We also offer IOD services. Plus I have been doing an unofficial fellowship in Retinal Surgery at Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg.”

With a deep-seated passion for his career and the community, Dr Zondi is setting his sights on a bright tomorrow. “We are willing to look at any and every eye problem which patients might have. Always willing to assist where possible,” he concludes.      

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