Newcastle welcomes RocoMamas to town

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A new era has dawned on Newcastle. The official opening of RocoMamas at Newcastle Corner has finally arrived.

The time to tantalise your taste buds is here, with RocoMamas offering Newcastillians an entirely new culinary experience.

With the doors to the establishment open to the public, what brought the legendary RocoMamas to Newcastle?

“We have two existing stores in Pietermaritzburg and we realised there weren’t any opportunities available for Newcastle residents to experience gourmet hamburgers,” says Conrad van Rooyen, co-owner of RocoMamas.

After doing extensive research, it was decided the time to introduce the community to this dynamic fresh brand was ripe.

“We spoke to people and they identify with the RocoMamas brand. After speaking to Newcastle Corner, we came to an agreement and here we are,” smiles Conrad.

Conrad van Rooyen and Siphathi Nyembe of RocoMamas.
Why was Newcastle Corner chosen as the ideal place for RocoMamas?

Alongside its established food court and location, Newcastle Corner is the ideal spot for Newcastillians to enjoy a dynamic experience of eating. 

But what makes RocoMamas stand out? What attracts people to the brand so much?

Conrad explains RocoMamas has been around for eight years, growing substantially during this time. So much so, there are currently 70 establishments nationally.

What makes it stand out are several factors, each adding to the dynamics of the establishment and brand.

“There is the hospitality factor, all our food is freshly made instore and we put emphasis on food mastery,” Conrad emphasises.

Then there is the staff. With RocoMamas embracing individuality, the staff offer more than mere customer service.

“We are more informal, and hospitality is a key factor for us with our food mastery.”

The décor and music in the establishment also offer Newcastillians a break from the mundane. Allowing them to truly experience more than just great food.

Looking at becoming the leaders in its sector, RocoMamas is truly a dynamic and fresh brand which is set to take Newcastle by storm.

The Newcastillian and Pixelfish Marketing welcome RocoMamas to Newcastle, as they are set to take Newcastle on a journey of mouth-watering goodness.

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