Speeding motorist crashes through a business in Faraday Street

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A thundering crash, the sound of metal tearing into brick and concrete, as a BMW smashes through an office, wrecking everything in it.

On Wednesday, May 1, Dirk Bierma of DC’s Sands was faced with an ordeal that not many businessmen face. A motorist ploughed through his office on Faraday Street. Destroying everything from his desks to his computers and furniture.

“It happened between 7 pm and 8 pm on Wednesday when the motorist took the corner and didn’t make it.”

Speeding through his property, wreaking devastation as they went along, the motorist went through his office wall, damaging not only Bierma’s office but the fencing and his business signage as well.

“I am just thankful this did not take place during the day. If it did, it could have ended a lot worse, as it is the office we use,” he says.

While thankful the incident took place at night, Bierma is now facing the daunting task of having his office repaired.

“The thing is, this is not even the first time someone has crashed into my office. The first time, they hit one side of the office, while in another incident, another motorist hit the other side.”

But what is the cause of motorists constantly crashing into his building?

“People tend to speed when coming around the corner and often misjudge it. I feel speed bumps would assist, as motorists will then have to slow down when going around the bend.”

The Newcastle Municipality was contacted to determine if speed humps can be erected on the street. However, no official statement was available at the time of the publication of the article.

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