Juan-Pierre Kardos, Dealer Principal of the Month

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Whether you are purchasing a brand-new or pre-owned car, searching for your dream car can be an exciting journey.

When it comes to realising your dream, car dealerships are there to ensure you drive away with peace of mind, knowing that you and your car have thousands of kilometres of joy ahead of you.

Overseeing the running of any dealership, is the Dealer Principal, someone whose motivation is ensuring happy clients, a successful dealership and productive staff.

The Dealer Principal of the Month is Juan-Pierre Kardos of NTT Isuzu. “I took the position of Dealer Principal on April 1, 2017,” says Juan-Pierre.

What does it take to be a successful DP?

“It takes a lot of hard work”, says Jean-Pierre. “Service quality and integrity is a must, as you need to lead your team by example. As the saying goes, ‘Respect is not a given, it is earned’”.

While an immense amount of work goes into being a DP, Juan-Pierre says he is fortunate in having a brilliant team who sticks together.

“We have a culture at NTT where everyone just clicks and shares the same plan and vision. We do not accept second best, as we are always striving to be the best,” he says.

From the moment he gets to work in the morning, Juan-Pierre is busy interacting with clients and checking up on the relevant departments within NTT Isuzu.

Despite being constantly busy, Juan-Pierre says he won’t change it for anything in the world.

“I enjoy everything about my career. I have a passion for the NTT brand, for cars and for people. Working here is simply amazing,” says Juan-Pierre with delight. “The highlight for me is seeing someone smile, having them thank us for the service and drive away happy with their car.”

With NTT turning 28 years old this year, Juan-Pierre says the brand also tries to play a pivotal role within the Newcastle community.

“We try to get involved as much as possible with the community,” he says, “because the community means a lot to us”.

Focused on ensuring motorists have a smooth journey, Juan-Pierre is a true Dealer Principal.

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