Charmaine Walker, the epitome of professionalism

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The professional world is one where individuals stand proud in the pursuit of excellence.

Whether in the boardroom, the business sector, the medical world or the courtroom, professionals are highly educated people, deserving of recognition for their dedication and success.

One such person is Charmaine Walker, an individual whose name is synonymous within the legal sector of Newcastle.

The immensely talented, Charmaine Walker is a director at DBM Attorneys, managing the firm’s Debt Collections Department. She also specialises in Magistrates Court litigation, family law and commercial law.

We had the opportunity to sit down with this passionate attorney in order to learn more about her journey. This is what she has to say.

Before obtaining her LL.B degree from the University of South Africa in 2012, Charmaine gained her experience by working for 15 years as a clerk in the Civil Court at the Department of Justice.

“I started my studies a bit later than many others. I worked as a clerk in the Department of Justice from 1986. In 2001 I decided to become a stay-at-home mother”, she says.

But when her youngest daughter started school and her two eldest daughters were finishing off their high school careers, Charmaine knew it was time for her to begin the next exciting chapter of her life.

“I always had this dream to obtain a law degree and one day, I went to UNISA and registered. Because of my age, I was only allowed to take two courses. I remember my husband coming home that evening, asking how was my day? I told him, that I did some odds and ends and then registered at UNISA to study law,” she laughs.

For a while, Charmaine told no one about her studies. Only after passing her courses and taking it further did she let it be known.

She served her articles at DBM Attorneys and it was then that her dream was officially within her reach.

“When I started my studies, I always wanted to serve my articles at DBM Attorneys”, beams Charmaine. “The opportunity came sooner than I expected. I heard there was a position for a Candidate Attorney, I applied and got it”.

With the exciting new chapter of Charmaine’s life now in full swing, she was one step closer to fulfil her dream of working at DBM. She completed her articles and in 2012 after which she was invited to join the ranks of DBM Attorneys. Following her joining DBM Attorneys, Charmaine’s dedication saw her proudly appointed as a director on 1 August 2017.

From a clerk to a stay-at-home mom, to becoming a director at one of Newcastle’s most well-established law firms, Charmaine is truly the personification of a person who lives their life to the fullest.

“I am living my dream life, having been both a stay-at-home mom for my children and working at the law firm I wanted to join from day one”, she says with an air of satisfaction.

What is Charmaine’s opinion on the law industry in Newcastle?

“The industry is under pressure”, says Charmaine. “Certain institutions are eating away at the industry. But we at DBM are still in a very good space. We do what is required and keep up with the relevant changes.”

What is Charmaine’s view on Newcastle?

“Newcastle is a wonderful place to raise children. The community is supportive. I think everyone is waiting for the elections now, but I am sure everything will turn out just fine. South African people have so much understanding and we really have the possibility of a bright future,” she smiles.

On the future of DBM Attorneys, Charmaine explains that it has a brilliant corporate culture focused on the betterment of the Newcastle community.

“We want to be known as a new breed of law firm, forever looking at innovation and looking at new ventures, while living up to our motto of, client service being of the utmost importance”, says Charmaine.

Dedicated to both her career, family and profession, Charmaine Walker is a true professional who is constantly striving for success.

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