Potholes, from motorist peeve to play area for kids

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The ongoing conversation which has now become a common “dinner topic” with friends and family, appears to be getting worse. As South Africans, we are seeing potholes become pothole villages, which then evolve into an entire piece of road disappearing.

Some of these potholes have opened up to such a degree, that hitting them results in your entire suspension almost being ripped off, let alone blowing a tyre.

Potholes are a major challenge faced by us all, they are a costly part of South African’s lives, which now seem to be a feature on many roads across our beautiful country.

Newcastle Mayor Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba assured Newcastillians, that our roads would be seen to during his State of the Town Address, not much has been done to repair them as yet.

Marconi Drive, Riverside Industrial, Hill Street and Newcastle Central, have potholes which now consume large sections of the roads and they are simply getting worse.

Potholes mar Hill Street.
Potholes make Marconi Drive a difficult road to travel on.
As motorists weave their way through the gauntlets in town, there is one resident who is taking the opportunity to see the lighter side of the situation, a true Newcastillian.

In Coronation Road, is a pothole situated outside Anel du Preez’s home.

Over the past year, a pothole has formed through a leaking water pipe and regular traffic driving over it, has to lead to it opening up more and more. Despite Anel and her home agents contacting Newcastle Municipality on a regular basis to report the matter, no steps have been made to repair the damage.

“I can understand resources, as well as human resources, might be a bit scarce, but we are constantly bombarded with information on how we need to save water. Yet, this water is running all the time, and it is frustrating to ride through it every day.”

As the pothole grows larger by the day, Anel decided to make light of the matter. Over the past few weeks, she has been doing photo shoots with the now famous pothole.

Anel du Preez with her two-year-old child’s toy ducks.

“I decided to raid my two-year-old’s toybox and share the images,” she laughs.

Taking to social media, Anel has taken photos of toy ducks and dinosaurs at the pothole which is filled with water.

“I have not got a reaction from the municipality as yet, but I have had feedback from the community. Also, when I take the photos, people will stop and ask what I am doing,” she smirks.

When water leaks and potholes call for a laugh.

Her next photo shoot will take a royal turn. “As this is Coronation Road, I am going to try and get a teddy bear and crown it, holding a coronation for it here,” she laughs.

As Anel uses her sense of humour to deal with a lack of service delivery, only time will tell if the municipality will tend to the matter.

As South Africans, we are faced with challenges unlike any country on earth. At times we do not even realise the magnitude of our situation and therefore tend to just “suck it up” and carry on. Yet as a people, as a community, it is time for us to focus more on our country and the issues therein, as appose to getting lost in the reams of political aggression.

While we tend to these challenges, these up and downs, we need to be able to find the humour in them. As this is a trait of a true South African. A person who can take a serious matter, address it, but at the same time not let it be the bane of your existence.

Newcastle Municipality’s Communication Department was contacted for a statement, but none was forthcoming at the time of publication.

What are your views on the potholes in town? What do you think of Anel du Preez’s idea of using props to create awareness about potholes? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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