Newcastle ladies have their say about Steve Hofmeyr

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Through his years in the entertainment industry, Steve Hofmeyr has built up a mass following of endearing fans. From being the “sexy guy” on Agter Elke Man, to making SA woman fall head over heels for him through his hit tracks, Steve is a South African icon in a league of his own. Going from the guy with a mullet to a man of controversy, one thing is for sure, old Stevie boy has still got it!

The Newcastillian asked the community what they thought of him and what message would they like to give Steve Hofmeyr if they had the chance. This is what they have to say:

Stephani Truter:

“I really enjoy his music. I would like to tell him to carry on with what he is doing in his music career.”

Yolande van der Colff:

“I like him, as he is really nice. He also stands up for what he believes in and isn’t scared to speak his mind. He is also attractive for his age. As for my message to Steve Hofmeyr, I would like to tell him, “Jy mag maar”.”

Steph Campher:

“I remember him from my teenage years and I think he is very brave to stand up for what he believes in. I would like to tell Steve Hofmeyr, that I take my hat off to him.”

Christine van Deventer:

“I like Steve Hofmeyr’s movie, “No Hero”. I really think he is an inspiration for fighting for what is right, despite being persecuted. So, my message to Steve Hofmeyr is to tell him, he is an inspiration.”

Douwlene Griffin:

“While I do not agree with everything Steve Hofmeyr says, I do admire him for standing up for what he believes in. He isn’t scared to lose in order to stand up for what he believes in and not many people are willing to do that. My message to Steve Hofmeyr is, “You are an example”.”

With Steve Hofmeyr being a popular musician, actor and activist, it seems that his fans are backing him 100% and want to hear more of his much-loved tracks.

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One thought on “Newcastle ladies have their say about Steve Hofmeyr

  • 7th May 2019 at 9:12 am

    Steve is tops. Die wat hom ni like ni dis jo probleem. Hy is wie hy is en hy staan op vir wat hy glo as almal net die guts gehad het soos hy. Steve hou aan met wat jy doen


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