Revving engines and racing cars warm up Newcastillians

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A cool winter evening sets in as the sun sets over Newcastle. Yet, there is a fiery hot atmosphere surging through the Oval Track.

The time has come for Newcastillians to cheer on their favourite racers. All care about the weather cast to the wind. The roaring, thundering sound of motor vehicles filling the air.

Racers sit behind their steering wheels. Their eyes set on the win, as the background noise of cheering fans fades away. Nothing else matters, except them and their cars. The checked flag waves and they are off. Thundering around the track.

Saturday, May 4, was the monthly racing event hosted by the Newcastle Oval Track. A time where the community gathers for a common goal. The love for motorsport and socialising.

In the Quads division, Cloubous Bezuidenhout took first place, with Willie Pretorius and Elzette Hoffmann taking second and third place respectively.

Stephan van der Merwe proved to be victorious in the Rookie division.

In the Development division, Mickey Malony clinches first place, with Shaun Bezuidenhout following him in second position.

The win for the 1600 stockrods goes to Hendrik van der Merwe, with Zaakira Khan in second place and Shaun Bezuidenhout in third position.

Craig Lindeque takes the win in the 1660 division, with Zane Maartens in second place and Marcus Beeselaar in third spot.

Pieter Bester reins victorious in the 2.1 litre division, with Shaukat Khan in second spot and Cedric Stowe in third place.

Following his victory in the 1600 stockrods, Hendrik van der Merwe also clinched the win the Hot Rods division. He was followed by Mickey Maloney and Wilma Lindeque in second and third place respectively.

The win for the Tin Top division goes to Henk van Rooyen, Marcus Beeslaar in second position and Zane Maartens in third spot.

Congratulations to all the racers for excelling in the event and for ensuring Newcastillians enjoyed an evening of high octane fun.

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