Night Market brings about a night of socialising

A midweek public holiday ahead of them, Newcastillians made their way to Total Garage on Murchison Street on Tuesday evening, April 30.

The occasion? A night market which catered for guests tastebuds with an array of tantalising foods, as well as a variety of curios and services which truly brought a welcome change to the community’s regular routine.

Organisers, Fathima Peer and Shamira Fakie explained the night market was more than an event where people could promote their respective products and brands.

Shamira Fakie and Fathima Peer.

“It is a way of getting the community together,” says Shamira. Fathima adds, “We also have a lot of people from out of town as well, such as Dundee and Dannhauser.”

With a festive atmosphere prevailing, the evening was the ideal way to welcome Worker’s Day on May 1, with the community enjoying an evening of socialising and relaxation together.

Shaista and Zahra Khan with Ammarah Buckus.
Ron and Jenna McGee.
Jameela Vawda with Sumayya and Zinnirah Docrat/
Suraiya and Bilkis Seedat.
Khadijah Ebrahim, Aaliyah Ameen, Yusraa Ameen and little Maryam Ebrahim.
Rubeena and Jamilah Jadwat.
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