Getting the party started at the Winter Festival 2019 on Thursday

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When it comes to entertainment in Newcastle, very little can compare with the annual Winter Festival.

Musicians, rides, curio stalls, food and popular businesses interacting with the community, the Winter Festival has it all.

The 2019 Winter Festival officially kicked off on Thursday, April 25, ending on Saturday night, April 27. This entailed three days of amazing entertainment, shopping, partying and an overall great time for all.

Making their way to the Show Grounds to escape their usual routine and participate in the biggest event on Newcastle’s social calendar, Newcastillians embraced the festival to the fullest.

The line-up on Thursday catered for young and old. For school children, there was Daantjie Kat, a display by the police, as well as Sanlam Takalani who put on an energy-filled show for the youth. The Fire Brigade cooled everyone down and the funfair rides were the place to be.

The Sanlam Takalani team in action.
The entertainment did not end there with offroad motorcyclists enjoying the Kakiebos Obstacle Course.
A biker takes on the Kakiebos Obstacle Course.
No obstacle is too daring for this biker.

The artist line up proved to be a resounding success, with the ever-popular Nadine opening the night’s entertainment with her captivating singing voice and extremely talented acting skills. As the evening’s MC she introduced the performing artists.

Nadine gets the party started at Winter Festival 2019.

Ivan Roux, Demi Lee Moore and Dirk van der Westhuizen had the audience cheering for more, requesting their favourite songs and ensuring the show really set off on a good foot.

Demi Lee Moore.
Demi Lee Moore captivates the audience with her beautiful voice.
Dirk van der Westhuizen.
Dirk van der Westhuizen.
Ivan Roux.
Ivan Roux.
School children learn how to cross the road with Sanlam Takalani.
Children waiting to go on one of the funfair rides.
Children enjoying the rides.
The inflatable park provided hours of fun.
Michael Groenewald and Michael Grundeling.
Lindsay and Douglas Steele.
Gareth and Roxzanne Korb of The Coffee Queen.

Be sure to lookout for the next two articles on the Winter Festival 2019. As we showcase the various highlights of each day.

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