Freaky Friday: Feral pig downs 18 beers and fights a cow

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The time has officially come to kick back, unwind and relax. The weekend is here in all its glory.

With spirits running high, there are those who are going to crack open an ice-cold beer and enjoy a weekend of throwing their hands in the air, while stopping their foot to Sweet Home Alabama. But it seems mankind isn’t the only species that becomes somewhat disorderly after a few drinks.

In 2013, a feral pig went on a bender after stealing and drinking three six-packs of beers, which were left out by a group of campers at the DeGrey River Campsite in Port Hedland, Australia.

Instead of passing out immediately after downing the buckets of beer, this bad boy pig decided to ransack rubbish bins in search of a drunken late night snack, shortly before starting a fight with a cow.

One camper named Merida shared the story with reporters from the ABC Network. Merida explains the incident unfolded when the campers opposite her and her party heard unusual crunching noises.

Deciding to investigate the noise, they saw the hammered pig scrunching away at the beer cans they had forgotten outside (nothing better than free beer).  Merida adds this was followed by the pig scavenging through trash cans.

Others then witnessed the smashed pig running around a car, trying to escape a now angry cow which he had tried to pick a fight with. This was followed by the pig swimming across the river and going to sleep under a log. Sounds like an evening a few people could relate too.

Fionna Findley from the Main Roads Department told reporters the feral pig in question has been causing a ruckus in the area for days and wreaking havoc in campgrounds. But she claims this is the first time she heard about a pig getting drunk and angry.

While the alcohol had no negative impact on the pig, besides a hangover, Findley encourages campers to avoid leaving any of their food and drink where it is accessible to animals.

As you prepare to crack open a cold one this weekend, be sure to search for pigs that might cause a bit mischief.  Until next time, have yourself a Freaky Friday.

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