Golfers take on the annual Winter Festival Golf Day

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Under the early morning’s misty conditions, Kilbarchan Golf Course was a hustle of activity on Saturday, April 13. The time had come for the annual Winter Festival Golf Day.

With approximately 56 golfers taking to the fairways, the game was on. Each payer ready for a great round of golf, all competing for the win in the name of sportsmanship.

Mornè Greef with Rob and Leeroy Abbet and Denzil Wilke.

Marketing Manager, Elmar Gouws of the 2019 Winter Festival explains there is more to the Winter Festival Golf Day than just a brilliant day of golf.

“It is about creating awareness for the upcoming Winter Festival. As well as getting the sponsors and Winter Festival committee together, to enjoy the day.”

While the day initially began with misty conditions, it made way for sunny and ideal weather conditions. Giving golfers the perfect opportunity to enjoy themselves on the fairways, in support of the upcoming Winter Festival.

Leeroy Abbett tees off.

Hennie Pelser, the Project Leader for the Winter Festival says, the day was an overall success. “It was a good team building initiative for everyone involved and we must extend a heartfelt thanks to the Kilbarchan Golf Course for its amazing greens. We also want to thank all the sponsors and players for contributing to the day’s success.”

The winners of the Winter Festival Golf Day are Gerrit Gouws and Johan Duvenhage.

With the golf day now under wraps, be sure to make your way to the highly anticipated Winter Festival 2019 from April 25 to April 27, for a community and family orientated event, which is primed to be an amazing few days.

Denzil Wilke sends his ball soaring down the fairway.
Rob Abbett in action.
Mornè Greef watches his ball go the distance.
Hannes Snr Liebenberg, Hannes Jnr Liebenberg, Ben Chowles and Jan Venter.
Ben Chowles prepares to tee off.
Hannes Liebenberg Jnr shows us how it is done.
Hannes Liebenberg Snr watches his ball hit its mark.
Jan Venter in action.
Ferdi Botha tees off.
Claud Joubert watches his ball soar into the the misty morning.
Marius Pretorius. crushes the ball down the fairway
Perfect shot from Manie Mostert.
Claud Joubert, Marius Pretorius, Ferdi Botha and Manie Mostert.

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