Old Hooters Club gears up for 40th anniversary

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In an era where technology reins, motor vehicles dazzle people with an array of technological features. Their speed and style resonating a new age of automobile.

Yet, very few cars captivate the attention of people quite like those from yesteryear. The raw power and style of vintage cars echoing a world which has long since passed.

However, car enthusiasts are in for a spectacular treat this coming Saturday, April 13.  The Old Hooters Club will be hosting its 40th anniversary on Saturday at Majuba Lodge.

At the event, the public can admire approximately 45 vintage cars from 10am until 4pm. Automobiles that have stood the test of time and resonate the class and style we link to bygone days.

Eddie Honeyball, a member of the Old Hooters Club explains the club was established on 18 June 1979.

The Old Hooters Club was established by Louw Bornman, Christo Davidson, Dave Mynhardt, Pieter Theron, Doctor Cliff Norde, Joe Koekemoer, Eric Bonthuys, as well as Terry and Christine Botha. Their mission to unite like minded people and ensure classic cars are never forgotten.

“It is a club for people that are interested in classic and vintage cars. We have our social meetings every Friday and arrange outings and shows once a month,” says Eddie.

At the event on Saturday, members from the Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association (SAVVA) will be in attendance. SAVVA is the Association of Veteran and Vintage Clubs in Southern Africa of which there are forty.

Following the show for the public, the Old Hooters Club will have a special event for its members in honour of the club’s anniversary.

Entrance to the event is free. For more information, contact Eddie Honeyball on 082 823 1179.

Be sure not to miss out on the day, enjoying an array of vintage cars which will drive you down memory lane.

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