Captain Jabulani Ncube, uniting the SAPS and the public

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In the pursuit of justice, Captain Jabulani Ncube is a man on a mission. Constantly striving to ensure the ends of justice are met.

Dedicated to his career, not many people realise Captain Ncube nearly did not become an officer of the law.

“I initially wanted to become a teacher, but due to a lack of funds, I wasn’t able to pursue a career in teaching.”

Despite having to put aside his dreams of becoming an educator, the desire to play a positive role within the community remained within him. It was then he decided to join the police service.

“I joined the South African Police Services on May 27, 1987,” Captain Ncube beams proudly.

Upon joining the SAPS, he was first based in uLundi before moving to the Public Order Policing Unit in Newcastle.

Then in 2017, Captain Ncube was promoted to Newcastle Police Station’s Communications Department.

“I am now also the acting sector commander, as well as deal with complaints against police officers,” he says.

This sees him interacting with the community, getting involved in public meetings, discussing crimes in respective areas, patrolling with the community and ensuring the relationship between the SAPS and community is running smoothly.

What drives Captain Ncube to continuously be involved with the community?

“I truly want to see a good relationship between the SAPS and the community. I also love protecting people, especially the vulnerable, such as the elderly and children,” he emphasises.

Looking at establishing an open link of communication between the SAPS and the public, Captain Ncube says his message to people is always the same.

“In every modern society, for effective policing, the community must be involved. I also have an open-door policy where people are more than welcome to come and see me,” he explains.

He also reminds people of the negative implications of having a criminal record. “People, especially youngsters, need to know what effect is has on their future. It will always hang over your shoulders.”

As Captain Ncube looks at creating lasting relations between the SAPS and the public, he is truly a pillar of in society. Dedicating over 30 years of his life to community

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