When gin tasting turns into a charitable cause

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Breaking away from the ordinary, a number of Newcastillians made their way to Avalon Guest Manor on Saturday, March 30, for a unique event.

The Avalon Gin Tasting, sponsored by Avalon Guest Manor and hosted by Newcastle Lions Club, was an event which saw Newcastillians learn more about gin, while dedicating themselves to a charitable cause.

“This is Newcastle Lions Club’s first gin tasting event. Seeing keen interest by the community for a gin tasting event, we decided to hold the event and raise funds for the Newcastle Lions Club’s projects,” explains president, Zarina Luck.

Lize Smith of Newcastle Club explains further, during the evening, guests were introduced to an array of different types of gin, as well as the different fruits and herbs which can be mixed with it.

But what is so special about gin as of late, with people taking a sudden interest in it?

Tommy Larkan, the guest speaker of the evening, explains. “I am based in Durban and sell gin, whiskey and tequila, and I have been in this industry since 1994. I like to refer to the interest in gin as the gin revolution as a lot of people, especially women are moving away from other alcohols and going to gin.”

But why?

Larkan explains it is a great mixable drink, where people can use fruits and herbs to bring out each different gin’s flavour.

“It is very appealing to an array of pallets. Before people thought they could only drink gin with tonic, bt there are so many different mixes to consume it with.”

With guests enjoying the experience, learning more about gin and enjoying good company, the event was a successful endeavour.

Newcastle Lions Club extends its thanks to the community for its support, as well as a special thanks to Avalon Guest Manor for making the event possible.

Barbara Elliot, Angie Garner and Bernice Liebenberg.
David and Susan Kaye.
Warren and Kirsten Wade.
Mary-Ann Boucher and Chantelle Smith.
Steve and Kirsty Brown.
Lize Smith, Zarina Luck, Nicollete Baney, Courtney Smith and Lynette Luck.
Sean Friend, Laurianne Pedrelli, Colin Pedrelli and Paula Friend.
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