Freaky Friday: When fast food takes a nasty turn

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Friday has finally arrived, and the final countdown for the weekend has started. One of the best parts of the weekend is breaking away from your usual routine and giving into your cravings.

By cravings, I mean indulging in junk food and throwing all health food routines to the wind. Showing no regard to fruits and veggies.

However, there are times when a delicious burger from your favourite outlet can turn your stomach. Here are four of the grossest things found in fast food:

That’s no ketchup!

Briana Ralston went to a Louisville combination KFC and Taco Bell to get a meal for her and her one-year-old daughter. Getting the food to go, the two were eating at home when Ralston noticed a odd red smears all over the taco wrappers and the carry bag.

Rather concerned she called the establishment. Only for the manager to discover one of the employees had gashed their finger open and bled over Ralston’s food.

Heads up

In 2000, Katherine Ortega bought a large order of nuggets from Newport News McDonalds for her children. Shaking the nuggets out, she and her children found a deep-fried chicken head.

I take it, they are not loving it. Get it?

Medical waste and fast food?

There comes a point in your life when takeaways are the ideal form of breakfast, especially after along night with your mate.

However, for Angelina Cruz in Queens, United States, this proved to be a horrid mistake. She stopped at Burger King for a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich.

While chewing, she felt something hard inside her mouth. Spitting the bite out, she was horrified to seat a needle tip from a syringe in between the half-chewed food.

No meat, thanks

A man by the name of David Scheiding received a nasty surprise while eating at an Arby’s in Tipp City, Ohio.

While eating his chicken sandwich, he realised he was eating human flesh, He realised it was skin when he saw fingerprints.

After throwing up, he had the matter investigated. Apparently, a piece of flesh around 2cm’s in length had been sliced off an employee’s thumb while cutting lettuce.

The manager apparently said he sanitized the area but didn’t throw away the bin of lettuce. That is so gross.

If you are grabbing takeaways today, be sure you don’t get more than what you bargained for. Until next time, have yourself a Freaky Friday.

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