Leon Wienand, steering NTT Nissan Newcastle to new heights

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When it comes to car dealerships, NTT Nissan Newcastle is a formidable force in terms of service and quality vehicles.

Winning the NTT Nissan Dealership of the Year award for both 2016 and 2017, two Global Awards for 2017 and 2018 in Recognition of Outstanding Service, as well as the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) Small Dealership of the Year Award, there is without a doubt that NTT Nissan Newcastle continuously drives itself to provide the best possible service and vehicles in town.

At the helm of the dealership is Principal Dealer, Leon Wienand. A man who is passionate about the NTT brand and the community.

“I joined the NTT group in August 2000 in White River with NTT Toyota. At the time, there were only four dealers and I was a salesman.”

Through hard work and dedication, Wienand was promoted to Sales Manager in 2005 in White River. From there, he continued to grow and develop.

His career with NTT then developed to the point, that when NTT bought over FedNissan in 2013, he took over the reins of both the Newcastle and Ladysmith branches. “At that stage I was running both branches.”

Now as Dealer Principal of NTT Nissan in Newcastle, his love for his career is just as strong as when he first started.

“NTT is more like a family unit. While corporate, NTT is not as corporate as many others are. We believe in people and people are our competitive advantage,” he says.

Since taking the reins at NTT Nissan, he has seen several of his staff moving up through the ranks, Becoming Principal Dealers or managers, something he derives great pleasure from. As he believes in seeing people reach their full potential.

Dedicating a large part of his time to his work, what does it take to be a Principal Dealer?

“It takes patience and hard work. You also need to enjoy it and have fun,” he says.

Managing the various departments at NTT Nissan, Wienand also spends a lot of his time ensuring the respective managers in the various departments are fully trained to make the necessary decisions to run their departments correctly.

“We do daily training with all the staff and most importantly, I help look after the customers,” he emphasises.

It is because of Wienand and his team’s drive in providing quality service that winning their accolades were possible.

“The NADA award for the Small Dealership of Year is definitely the biggest highlight of my career over the past 19 years with NTT,” he enthuses.

With the opening of the new NTT Nissan Newcastle Premises, Wienand is looking forward to help steer NTT Nissan to new heights. Always providing motorists with top of the range vehicles and gearing up the motoring industry.

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