Healing Creations, when homeschool meets artistic and academic fun

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Education plays a key role in a child’s future and development, but for some children, joining mainstream schools can prove problematic.

For these children, homeschooling is a beacon of hope. A form of education where they can flourish as individuals.

While homeschool has its benefits, who assists these children in their daily education and obstacles they might face?

While parents do play a big role, Rona Joubert is a guiding light for these children. Rona is a tutor at Healing Creations and she caters for children on homeschool programmes.

“There are different reasons on why a child is homeschooled,” Rona explains.

These reasons include the following:
  • The child is going through trauma
  • A learning disability
  • Parents not being happy with the level of education offered at schools, which can range from overcrowded classrooms to lack of individual attention. “At homeschool, there is also no bullying and peer pressure,” Rona explains.
What does Rona do at Healing Creations?

She assists children in their school work, with both Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and Cambridge curriculums. “I tutor the children four days a week.”

Furthermore, while assisting them with their school work, Rona also does art therapy with the children.

“Art therapy assists children overcome obstacles in their lives, such as bullying, emotional blockages, self-esteem or learning disabilities. We also use art as a medium to express things which cannot always be said.”

This involves cases of molestation or a child comes from a broken home and doesn’t know how to talk about what they are going through.

Other benefits of art therapy include improving a child’s fine motor skills and confidence.

Under her tutelage, Rona also does relaxation techniques and outdoor activities with the children. “Healing Creations is about holisitic development, helping children to become the best version of themselves. Instead of being boxed into and enviroment where they do not fit in.”

With 16 children coming to her for tutoring, Rona’s learners are unique individuals. Some with learning disabilities, two with autism and others who excel in the sports world. Never the less, they all find themselves flourishing academically at Healing Creations.

“One of the children is brilliant at horse riding and home schooling allows her to pursue her dreams, while still ensuring she gets her education.”

What led Rona to open Healing Creations and tutor home schooled children?

“I grew up in a small town and was artistic, but I never had the opportunity to develop it,” she says.

After finishing her schooling and tertiary studies, Rona explains she travelled and taught at various schools both inside and outside of South Africa.

“I landed up teaching at a special needs school and the children could paint perfectly, but could not write. It was then I began looking into art therapy.”

However, she eventually grew frustrated with government education and left.

“One day, I was approached by someone and asked if I was willing to tutor a homeschooled child. At first, I said no. But I realised it was the ideal way to help children develop, as many schools do not have remedial classes or therapists.”

It was then in 2017 that Healing Creations was born with one child coming to her for tutoring, eventually growing to the number it is now.

At Healing Creations, Rona says children have the space to dream and have hope for a brighter future. A place where they can feel they belong when coming for tutoring.

“I enjoy seeing children being free and having the space to find themselves. I believe school is important, but I also believe it is important to focus on a person’s emotional needs. You must be emotionally healthy.”

From seeing children who were once broken enter her school turning into vibrant individuals brings immense satisfaction to Rona.

Rona also does holiday arts and crafts for children to enjoy and develop their artistic sides, allowing them to avoid holiday boredom and keep mentally stimulated.

For those who want Rona to tutor their children or to introduce them to art, Rona Joubert can be contacted on 073 454 5069.

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