Business expo focuses on economic development

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When it comes to community development, the business sector plays a vital role in its success. Not only in job creation, but in stimulating the local economy as well.

Focusing on development, a business expo was held over a two-day period at Blackrock Casino. Hosted by Big Ideas Empire, the event focused on entrepreneurship and the impact it has on society.

The theme of the event, Revive Newcastle’s Economy, resonates the importance of entrepreneurship and small businesses.

“The purpose of the expo was to showcase small businesses and the services they offer,” says Nhlanhla Sibiya, director of Big Ideas Empire.

During the expo, an array of issues faced by entrepreneurs were also discussed. As well as how businesses can contribute to the economy.

Guests learning how to grow their respective business ventures.

Sibiya says the event looked at everything from entrepreneurship in town, what the government is doing to assist entrepreneurs, straight to how entrepreneurs can support each other.

“We want to create a new culture of economic development, which will impact the town and in turn the country in a positive way,” Sibiya explains.

Black Umbrella, an enterprise development incubation organisation, also attended the expo. Black Umbrella partners with the private and government sectors, as well as the civil society. The aim is to address the low levels of entrepreneurship and high failure rate of black-owned businesses.

Through their input, small business owners can now look at how to improve their respective businesses.

Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) also attended, adding their input on boosting the economy.

Representatives from larger businesses attended the event, seeing how they could assist local entrepreneurs in develop.

“Overall, the event was a success,” concludes Sibiya.

With organisations focusing on developing the local economy, the business expo is sure to have a knock-on effect for future businesses.

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