Can you make a difference in the Ferrum High Can-Can Challenge?

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In the quest to reach out to the less fortunate, Ferrum High School has begun an initiative which is sure to touch the lives of those in need.

The Can-Can Challenge is an initiative where children collect cans of food for disadvantaged children within the school.

“Our target is 5 000 cans and we are doing this to make food hampers for children who come from less fortunate families. There are children who only get a meal at school, and during the holidays, these children struggle,” explains Joany-Ann Campher of Ferrum High.

To ensure these children do not go hungry while at home, the school makes up hampers which are then given to the necessary families. But the school’s generosity does not end there. Campher says the school also gives healthy food packs to children in need during the day.

These packs also include a fruit, which guarantees to keep the youngsters filled with the necessary nourishment their bodies require.

While the Can-Can Challenge is focused on the less fortunate, Campher says the learners from Ferrum will also benefit.

If a class collects 100 cans of non-perishable foods or three cans each, the learners can wear make-up, hair accessories, hats and caps.

A class which collects 300 cans or 10 cans per learner, can enjoy a can-can civvies day for the entire class.

For the class which collects 400 cans or 12 cans from each learner, gets a free coke and will be able to leave school early on a Friday.

If a class collects 800 cans, the learners can attend a free movie during school time.

The overall winning class will not only enjoy a free movie during school time but will also go to Spur for a free burger.

While the learners are amped for the project, Campher is encouraging the community to participate by donating cans of non-perishable foods to the school.

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Joany-Ann Campher is inviting the community to participate in the event.

By assisting the food pantry needs, you will be helping feed a child in need. If the community would like to assist, you can phone Joany-Ann Campher on 082 327 3802.

The project will end Friday, March 15, so be sure to make a difference today and help feed a child.

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