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Women play an integral role in modern day society, acting as the very pillars of life and the backbones of their respective worlds.

Today, March 8, is International Woman’s Day. An entire day which pays homage to the women in our lives.

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But what makes women so special? And, as they play such a pivotal role in the world, how can their lives be made better in the business sector? The Newcastillian finds out by asking women within our community.

Ronel van Dyk (Unit manager at Mediclinic Newcastle)

“All women are special. We are resilient and have the ability to do a million things at once,” Ronel smiles.

As women are a force to be reckoned with, Ronel says not much can be done to improve their lives in the business world. “We just need to take the opportunities which are available. Women are not as restricted as we once were. We can make a difference in the community and the world, we must just not put restrictions on ourselves.”

Heather Govere (Patient Experience Manager at Mediclinic Newcastle)

“Women are resilient, as we deal with an ever-changing society. We are the pillars of society.”

How does Heather feel things can improve for women in the business world?

“Things are improving for us as we have equal opportunities. Times have really evolved for the better.”

Davida van der Merwe (Optometrist)

“I think women are much stronger than they seem under their soft, femine, beautiful exteriors,” explains Davida.

How can their lives be improved in the business sector?

“We would like to be seen as equally capable of doing any job that we desire and put our minds too. As well as equal pay,” she explains.

Tanya van der Merwe and Vickie Steenkamp

When it comes to what makes women special, Tanya laughs and says, “Anything a man can do, a woman can do better, while wearing heels.”

How can things be made better for ladies in the business world?

Vickie explains this can be done through simple ways. “Bosses can just spoil the women a bit more, such as by giving their female colleagues a flower. After all, a man can still be a man in a woman’s world.”

Caroline Boshoff and Larissa Bekker

Larissa says women can multi-task much better than men. “We are also stronger and can handle more pressure. Also, when we do things, we do it neater and tidier.”

Caroline agrees with Larissa, “Women are much tougher, regardless of the situation.”

How can their lives be improved in the business sector?

Larissa says, “We would like to be taken more seriously and not seen as just a pretty face.”

Caroline adds, “We would like to earn the same salaries as men do in the same position.”

As we pay tribute to the strong women within our community, what do you think makes women so special. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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