The Coffee Queen Co. stirs it up at Harburn House

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A tantalising smell fills the air, the rich fragrant aroma of coffee captivates your senses. Your very soul craves the rich texture and taste. This is the allure of quality coffee.

But there is another smell. The soothing scent of tea. Yet this isn’t a fragrance you are familiar with. This is the scent of tea which can sooth your heart and soul. A tea which makes your worries fade into the background.

However, where does one acquire world class tea and coffee? In Newcastle, there is only one business that can leave coffee and tea enthusiasts truly satisfied.  The Coffee Queen Co. is stirring up the beverage industry with their various coffee and tea products.

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The Coffee Queen Co. held a coffee and tea tasting day on Saturday, March 2. Held at Harburn House, Gareth and Roxzanne Korb introduced the community to their products.

With sunny weather and good company alongside the opportunity to taste the tantalising beverages, The Coffee Queen Co. introduced more than just their unique brands of beverages. They paved the way to a new culture. A culture where only the best tea and coffee will do.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all the guests, The Coffee Queen Co. ensuring their Saturday was well spent with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Adele and Hannah Grobler admire the variety of tea.
Shamira Fakie with Roxzanne Korb of The Coffee Queen Co.
Chyrol Harburn and Kay Matthee.
Gareth and Roxzanne Korb of The Coffee Queen Co.
Shamira and Mona enjoying tea and coffee.
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