Dr Joshua Matambo, Newcastle’s obstetrician and gynaecologist

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In the medical world, healthcare practitioners dedicate their lives to the wellbeing of others. One such individual is Doctor Joshua Matambo, Newcastle’s very own obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Qualifying in 2000, Dr Matambo joined Mediclinic Newcastle when it was noticed that an influx of Newcastle women travelled to Ladysmith on a regular basis to see him.

“I was based in Ladysmith and worked closely with La Verna Hospital. I was approached by Mediclinic due to the number of women coming to see me for their respective medical needs.”

Passionate about helping people and deep-seated love for babies, Dr Mathambo says he decided to travel to Newcastle on a weekly basis. “It became full time and I decided to open my practice in Newcastle and work closely with Mediclinic Newcastle, as I love their ethos.”

What does it mean to be an obstetrician and gynaecologist?

“Obstetrics involves looking after pregnant women and delivering babies, whereas gynaecology involves looking after non-pregnant women as well.”

Dr Matambo also performs surgeries where needed within his medical field, ensuring women health is brought to the forefront.

Why are these two medical fields so important?

Dr Matambo explains, that in the obstetrics field, while most pregnant women are healthy, there are risks involved in pregnancy and child birth. Which is where he steps in, minimising risks that expecting mothers may face.

“Without obstetricians, child birth can possibly result in death or a child can be born with brain damage.”

In terms of gynaecology, he explains women need to ensure their health is always optimal, reducing any potential health issues which might affect the fairer gender.

Dr Matambo is also an aesthetic gynaecologist. “Aesthetic gynaecology is a combination of dermatology and gynaecology. This field has truly developed over the past nine years and there are only seven certified aesthetic gynaecologists in South Africa. I am the only one certified by both the American Aesthetic Association and European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology.”

What does aesthetic gynaecology mean?

Dr Matambo explains the aim of this field is to improve the aesthetic appearance and function of the female genitalia.

“For example, there is vaginal tightening which is done on women who experience looseness after delivering a baby or due to age. Then there is also O-Shot which improve a woman’s libido and sexual experience.”

Dr Matambo explains he pursued this field, after noticing there was a need within the community. “I had a few patients over the years who complained of sexual disfunction and at the stage, I could not assist them. I then did research about the issue and found out more about aesthetic gynaecology.”

He then proceeded to study the field and is now able to perform the necessary procedures to help woman.

“There were women who have sexual problems at home, problems which resulted in the break-up of their relationships. In our society and culture, this subject is not often spoken about and is seen as taboo. In fact, there wasn’t even medication for it until eight years ago,” Dr Matambo explains.

Now with the medical world evolving, women no longer have to endure an uncontrollable medical issue.

Dr Matambo says Newcastillians can read more about aesthetic gynaecology on www.cosmeticgynae.co.za

Dedicated to promoting women’s health, Dr Matambo says he loves his profession and can never look at doing anything else.

“I just love the joy that my profession brings when a couple can take their newborn baby home, saying thank you at the end of the procedure. This coupled with the reward of knowing that I have spent half the night helping bringing a new life into the world.”

With his heart set on promoting health and working with Newcastle Mediclinic for the benefit of the community, Dr Matambo is truly a leading medical professional.

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