Swimmers take the plunge at St Dominics Newcastle Interhouse Gala

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Under an overcast sky, swimmers brace themselves to take the plunge into the pool. The cheers of spectators falling away as they dive and become one with the water.

On Thursday, February 14, St Dominics Newcastle hosted its annual interhouse gala. A day dedicated to swimmers pushing themselves to the limits, showcasing their athletic prowess in the water.

Swimmers take the dive.
With fellow learners cheering them on, the swimmers excelled and proved they were a force to be reckoned with in the pool.

Lisa Conradie of Michaels House took the win in the U/10 girl division, while Sean Bernstein took the win in the U/10 boys for Raphaels House.

Jane Glutz secured another victory for Raphaels in the U/11 girls division. Not to be outdone, Mila Mgele of Michaels took the win for the U/11 boys.

The U/12 girls division win went to Abigail Meineke, while Jack Glutz took the win in the U/12 boys. Both swimmers are from Raphaels.

Grace Hoatson of Roses House swam into victory in the U/13 girls division. Ethan Kruger of Michaels took the win for the U/13 boys.

Robyn Murdey of Raphaels dominated the U/14 girls. Clayton Marais and Henco Daniels, both of Raphaels, tied for the U/14 boys.

Emma Branco-Lizen of Roses took the win for the U/16 girls. Jordan Barends of Roses clinched the win in the U/16 boys.

The Open Medal Girl goes to Minette Jansen van Vuuren of Michaels, while the Open Medal Boy goes to Joshua Pienaar of Roses.

The Junior Victrix and Junior Victor medals go to Jane and Jack Glutz of Raphaels.

The Intermediate Victrix medal goes to Grace Hoatson of Roses and Robyn Murdey of Raphaels. Ehtan Kruger of Michaels takes the Intermediate Victor.

The Senior Victrix is Minette Jansen van Vuuren of Michaels, while Joshua Pienaar of Roses is the Senior Victor.

The winning house on the day is Raphaels, with Roses takes the spirit cup.

Well done to all the learners who participated in the event.

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