Xtec kits up Drakensberg Primary’s first team rugby

The time has come for a new era of rugby at Drakensberg Primary School, with Xtec Newcastle stepping up to show their support.

On Friday, February 15, Xtec Newcastle donated top-shelf rugby jerseys to the school’s first team rugby. With the team now donning their new outfits, they present an image of true rugby professionalism.

Dèhan Bezuidenhout, Xtec branch manager, explains Xtec got involved with the sponsorship initiative when the school approached the company.

“I’m passionate about rugby and this is a good way to build a relationship with the school and to show our support, while getting involved with the community,” says Bezuidenhout.

Dèhan Bezuidenhout, Xtec branch manager, with the rugby team, the coaches and Drakensberg Primary’s prinicipal, Pieter Hanekom.
Xtex will also be sponsoring water bottles to the rugby team. This will ensure the players are fully geared up for future matches.

Etienne van Aswegen, one of the team’s coaches, extends a heartfelt thanks to Xtec Newcastle and Dèhan Bezuidenhout.

“We are very thankful for the sponsorship and it brings a great deal of pride to both the school and players.”

Now sporting their new jerseys, the team strikes an image of pride, which van Aswegen says will show in their upcoming matches.

He says plans for the season involve building on the school’s rugby and accomplishing more with the first team. “And winning of course,” he enthuses.

Dèhan Bezuidenhout, Xtec branch manager, with Jaco Jansen van Vuuren,
Wandile Ndlangamandla, Mbusi Mhlongo, Amandus de Jager and coach Etienne van Aswegen.
How do the players feel about the new jerseys?

Amandus de Jager says, “These jerseys are something to be proud of.”

His fellow team mate, Jaco Jansen van Vuuren says he too began playing rugby in Grade 1. “With the new jerseys, we will be able to hold the school’s name high.”

Wandile Ndlangamandla, another member of the rugby first team, explains the sponsorship is really special to him. “Things are going well with the new sponsorship and I am looking forward to the season.”

Mbusi Mhlongo adds the sponsorship means the players will be making the best of the season, doing the school proud.

Drakensberg Primary School’s rugby first team will be playing against Huttenpark Primary School on February 20.

The matches will take place at 1.50pm and 6.50pm.

Well done to Xtec Newcastle for becoming involved in the community. You truly are a great business, doing good things for our local schools.

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