Protea netball player comes to Newcastle

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A staggering 200 children descended on Ferrum High School. All with one common purpose. To learn more about netball from the amazing Protea Netball player, Vanes-Mari (du Toit) Proudfoot.

Keen players from schools in Newcastle and other parts of Northern KwaZulu-Natal attended the netball-clinic which was sponsored by Spur, all eager to learn how to improve their skills on the court.

Vanes-Mari explains she began her journey in the netball world when she was merely five-years-old. Excelling at the sport, Vanes-Mari quickly turned professional.

“I have been playing for South Africa for 11 years. I started playing for SA netball when I was 15-years-old.”

During her career, she earned 36 caps for the Proteas and a further 35 for the Fast Five, when she played netball in Australia and England.

Protea Netball player Vanes-Mari with her husband, Matthew Proudfoot, the assistant Springboks coach, and Yolande vd Colff of Ferrum High School.

With a vast amount of experience, Vanes-Mari is truly able to help young players develop their skills.

But why is this sport so important?

“It has the ability to bring the best out in women,” Vanes-Mari enthuses. This ranges from forging lasting friendships to fundamental life skills, camaraderie and upliftment.

“It also supports women and girls. As a happy girl results in a happy world,” she adds.

Protea netball player, Vanes-Mari addressing netball players at Ferrum High School.

During the netball-clinic, Vanesa-Mari went back to basics, giving the attending players a sense of the game, in order to become better players, with an updated understanding of netball.

Learning from a professional player, the attending girls found the day both enjoyable and educational. Opening up a world of opportunity for them.

Ferrum High School netball girls ready to learn from the netball-clinic.
Dundee High School netball girls.
Attending the netball-clinic is a group of netball girls from Newcastle Senior Primary.
Arbor Park Primary School netball players.
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