Are you ready for a stellar 2019 Winter Festival?

The countdown for the 2019 Winter Festival has officially begun. An event which is one of the biggest highlights on Newcastle’s social calendar.

Starting on April 25, the community can expect a few exciting changes and additions to 2019 Winter Festival schedule. Changes which are sure to see a vibrant energy surge through the Show Grounds.

What changes can the community expect this year?

“We have made some changes to the layout, in order to give car dealers better exposure. Also, some stalls are being moved to the main arena to make way for the inflatable park. The park will be situated next to the main arena and children just have to pay once to be able to play the whole day,” says Elmar Gouws of the Winter Festival committee.

But this is not the only changes made to this year’s event. Other changes will include a food and wine tent in the food court. There will also be a live feed from the main stage. Shaded seating, a full bar, as well as craft beers, craft gin and cocktails will be available to enjoy.

“Next, we have our very first Funduro, which is set to take place at the 2019 Winter Festival,” Elmar enthuses.

This will be a 250m Obstacle loop track, which will be built on the Show Grounds for bikers to put their skills to the test.

The Funduro will begin on Thursday, April 25, with the practice rounds. This will take place from 2pm until 6pm. On Friday, April 26, the race day will take place. On the race day, each rider will race against time and the winner will be crowned thereafter.

This will be followed on Saturday, April 27, with a 30km enduro race that will start and finish at the Show Grounds.

Chopper flips will also be available this year, along with a Show and Shine competition on Saturday.

There is also something planned for wrestling and fitness enthusiasts. The CPW wrestling will be hosting major title fights at the 2019 Winter Festival and the Planet Fitness strongman show is sure to be enteraining for the whole family. 

What artists can the community expect to provide entertainment?

An array of popular South African artists will be performing at the 2019 Winter Festival. These artists are:

Ivan Roux 

Demi Lee Moore 

Dirk vd Westhuizen 

Jan Bloukaas

Ray Dylan 

Touch of Class

Janie Bay 



The Duchaz



With epic activities and great artists set to create a vibrant energy this April at the 2019 Winter Festival, be sure that you do not miss out on this truly Newcastillian event.

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