The Coffee Queen Co., when the love for coffee meets passion

The tantalising smell of fragrant coffee fills the air. An aroma rich in flavour draws you in, leaving you yearning for a cup of mouth-watering, decidant coffee.

This is no ordinary coffee. This is one of the many top-of-the-range coffees offered by the Coffee Queen Co. A business which is set to change the way Newcastillians view coffee and tea.

The Coffee Queen Co. officially opened in January, when Gareth and Roxzanne Korb realised Newcastillians needed quality coffee.

“We had just moved back to Newcastle from Johannesburg, and I wanted to do something but wasn’t sure what. I had such an amazing boss in Johannesburg that I could not picture myself working for anyone else,” says Roxzanne, who is a bookkeeper by trade.

Gareth says it is when they went to the Drakensbergs that it struck them what Newcastle needed. What Newcastle needed was a source of good coffee and tea which would touch your very soul.

Needing to bring unique ad delectable coffee to town, the concept of the Coffee Queen Co. was born.

Queen, Newcastillian
Roxzanne Korb, the Coffee Queen, is set to help change the way Newcastle sees coffee and tea.
But where does the name The Coffee Queen Co. come from?

Gareth and Roxzanne laugh as they explain the name of the business comes from Roxzanne’s deep-seated love for coffee.

“For me, two of the most important things in life are good friends and excellent coffee,” Smiles Roxzanne .

Roxzanne’s love for coffee is so strong, that Gareth explains Roxzanne has up to 15 cups of coffee or more a day. She is affectionally known as the Caffeine Queen among friends and family, which gave birth to the company’s name.

“Nothing upsets me more than a bad cup of coffee,” Roxzanne jokes.

But what does The Coffee Queen Co. offer?

The Coffee Queen Co. offers a wide selection of coffees, coffee beans, different flavoured coffees, imported teas, an array of hot chocolates, which are made from 100% Belgium chocolate, and even cappuccinos in sugar cones.

“We are offering Newcastle residents coffees, teas and hot chocolates they don’t usually find off the shelf in Newcastle,” the couple emphasises.

The Coffee Queen Co. has its tea imported from Sri Lanka, while its coffee beans come from South and Central America, as well as Africa.

But while offering unique and mouth-watering beverages, the Coffee Queen Co. does not demand an arm and a leg when it comes to cost. The prices, Roxzanne explains, are made affordable so the entire community can break away from the mundane brands and experience the best.

The Coffee Queen Co. also does coffee machines for offices, guesthouses and hotels. The machines are set up in such a way, that employees or guests can enjoy the best coffee money can buy while going about their day.

The machines are made in such a way, that it is virtually impossible to steal the ingredients. Which will prove beneficial to employers and those involved in the hospitality industry.

Going the distance, Roxzanne and Gareth explain they have an array of solutions for businesses to choose from in order to save costs.

“We also want to help schools and give back to the community,” Roxzanne explains. Which is why The Coffee Queen Co. is offering Newcastle schools a selection of solutions to choose from. “The schools can sell the coffee as a fundraising initiative.”

Set to create a new culture, on March 2, The Coffee Queen Co. will be hosting a coffee day. This is where ardent coffee lovers can experience the true joy of premium, quality coffee.

Passionate about coffee and catering to Newcastle’s needs, be sure to contact The Coffee Queen Co. for more information on their products and services.

The Coffee Queen Co. can be contacted via email on Be sure to tantalise your taste buds with a heavenly cup of coffee or tea from The Coffee Queen Co. today.

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