St Dominics Newcastle does its part for International Epilepsy Day

As couples plan a day of romance this coming Valentine’s Day, St Dominics Newcastle is going purple for Epilepsy Day.

Today, February 11, is earmarked as International Epilepsy Day. A day which sees people from approximately 120 countries raising not only awareness about epilepsy, but educating people on how it can be treated, and what one should do if someone has an epileptic seizure.

People of different walks of life, backgrounds and cultures, uniting as one to break away from the misconceptions surrounding the neurological disorder.

The Day is a joint initiative established by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).

Creating awareness about the day, St Dominics Newcastle learners donned purple clothing and created a hype at the entrance of the school on Friday, February 8. Proudly waving a banner as parents dropped their children off at the school.

But why is creating awareness about International Epilepsy Day so important? The Newcastillian asked St Dominics learners and this is what they have to say:

Jade Pienaar and Natasha Friend:

“It is important to spread as much knowledge about the day, so people know more about epilepsy and what to do if they see someone have a seizure. We also have people in our school who have it, and this is a way to show that they are not alone.”

Cassidy Steenkamp:

“Epilepsy is not something many people think of, which is why it is important to create awareness about it.”

Michaela Swanepoel:

“I don’t think many people know the extent that epileptics fits can get to, or what to do when someone has an epileptic seizure. Which is why days such as these are important, so people can know what to do.”

Zahra Mohammed:

“I think it is important because a lot of people suffer with it. This is a way to keep people aware about epilepsy and to show support to those who have it.”

Shaheel Maharaj:

“International Epilepsy Day is important so we can help people who have it.”

Well done to St Dominics Newcastle for creating awareness about the neurological disorder which affects the lives of scores of people.

Please visit the latest issue of the Newcastillian – Online Magazine to learn more about Epilepsy Awareness. Proudly featuring Dr Sundas and Mediclinic.

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