Dr Chun-Yen Wu, Mediclinic Newcastle’s newest General Surgeon

There is a new General Surgeon in town, ready to save lives one surgery at a time.

As of March 1, Chun-Yen Wu will be the newest General Surgeon at Mediclinic Newcastle. Joining forces with Dr Wilson and Dr Viljoen as an associate in their practice.

Having completed his Under Grad and Post Grad at Bloemfontein, and his community service in Kimberly, Dr Wu is a man who is passionate about his career.

“I enjoy fixing things and I find immense satisfaction, when a patient comes to me and I can surgically repair something and see the patient make a full recovery.”

But what led Dr Wu to pursue a career in the medical field?

Laughing, he explains his first career choice was to become a pilot. “But after researching it, I discovered my eyesight was too bad for it.”

Along with other obstacles, Dr Wu decided to change his scope of career choices. With a deep-seated passion for helping others and fixing things, he soon fell in love with the medical profession. Leading him to his current career.

“I can do everything as a surgeon, trauma and emergencies. But I especially enjoy gastro work, which focuses on the abdomen area.”

As a General Surgeon and a family man, how does Dr Wu juggle his career and family life?

“I have a very understanding and supporting wife. Being a surgeon is unpredictable at times, as there are nights when I work late. But my wife understands this and supports me fully. Also, when I am off or when I finish work, I spend as much time with my family as possible,” he explains.

Now setting up a home in Newcastle with his wife and 16-month-old daughter, Dr Wu says he looks forward to becoming a true Newcastillian and a part of the Mediclinic Newcastle family.

“It is an exciting new adventure. Newcastle has a large, diverse community. It also seems like a town which can offer quality family life. Also, coming from Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom, one of the things I noticed first, was the green environment. It looks like a great town to enjoy outdoor activities.”

While having spent a part of his adult life in Bloemfontein, Kimberly and Potchefstroom, Dr Wu grew up in a rural part of the Free State. “Newcastle reminds me of my home,” he smiles.

With regards to Mediclinic Newcastle, he explains the staff are more than mere colleagues. “I have done some work here before and I am glad this opportunity came along. Everyone works as a team. The quality and standard of care at Mediclinic Newcastle are second to none,” he emphasises.

Pixelfish Marketing and The Newcastillian would like to welcome you Newcastle and the Mediclinic Newcastle team, Dr Chun-Yen Wu.

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