St Dominics Newcastle shares the gift of life

What does it take to save a life? How does one make a positive contribution to society, without even meeting the people you are assisting?

It seems that St Dominics Newcastle has the answer to these questions. St Dominics Newcastle held a blood drive on Thursday, January 31. Learners lining up to donate blood to the SANBS. Their mission was simple. To spend 10 minutes of their time to save a life and make a positive contribution to the world.

With the SANBS setting up the blood clinic at the school, peer promoters worked diligently to remind their fellow learners to come and share the gift of life.

Peer promoters: Fatima Adam, Natasha Friend, Omera Ramdharee and Joshua Pienaar.

Peer promoters are learners who assist the SANBS at schools, creating awareness about upcoming blood clinics at their respective schools.

But why is donating blood so important? Why must we as a community spend our time donating blood? The Newcastillian asked St Dominics Newcastle learners why donating blood is so important. This is what they have to say.

Marnus Scheepers

“When I was 12-years-old, my father needed to go for surgery. But his heart wasn’t strong enough to pump blood, because of this, he needed blood. However, the surgery could not be performed because there wasn’t blood and he did not make it.”

Because of this, when Marnus heard St Dominics had a peer promoters group, he made it his mission to join. Thereby, ensuring the blood was available for someone in need.

Sria Gokul

“Doing good in the world is important, and this is one of the easy ways to do good and to save lives.”

Nondumiso Gumbi

“Donating blood is important as it helps others and in turn, saves lives.”

Fatima Adam

“It’s important because by one person donating blood, you can save up to three lives. Also, there might come a day where you might need blood to save your life.”

Well done to the St Dominics Newcastle learners for taking the time out of their day, in order to save a person in need.

Chido Ngewu and Omhle Zaca are ready to do their part and save a live.

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