Phumelela Circuit Excellence Awards, paying tribute to educators

In the pursuit of academic excellence, school learners put in an extensive amount of effort to obtain an array of accolades. While praised for their achievements, the efforts of their relevant educators cannot be ignored.

On February 6, the Phumelela Circuit Excellence Awards was held at Ferrum High School. An event dedicated to those who thrive on teaching and helping our children reach their full potential.

“The Phumelela Circuit Excellence Awards are aimed at recognising the efforts of our educators at the various schools in the circuit,” says Phumelela Circuit Manager, Prem Bhagwandass.

The Phumelela Circuit consists of schools from Koningsdorp, Botha’s Pass, Charlestown and schools in the greater Newcastle area.
Phumelela Circuit Manager, Prem Bhagwandass.

“This function honours the educators who have contributed towards our children’s academic, cultural and sporting excellence,” adds Bhagwandass.

With educators gathering at Ferrum High School, a sense of accomplishment filled the air. Educators beaming with pride, knowing their hard work and dedication in assisting our future leaders to flourish, is acknowledged.

Adding to the value of the event, Chief Education Specialist (CNES) of Special Needs Education Services (SNES) and Nutrition, Reginald Khuzwayo was the guest speaker of the day. Commending the teachers on their work, his speech focused on the six R’s which help educators ensure their learners excel.

Guest speaker of the day, Reginald Khuzwayo, addresses educators during the Phumelela Circuit Excellence Awards.

“The first R stands for Respect,” he says. Explaining that in order to sustain one’s performance, it is vital for educators to respect one another and their learners.

The second R stands for Resolve. “All successful people resolve to do things now. One cannot afford to procrastinate.”

This is then followed by the third R, which stands for refrain. Khuzwayo explains it is important for successful people to refrain from allowing negativity and negative people to influence them in their daily lives.

The fourth R stands for Repeat. This is where a successful person looks at what worked form them and repeats it. Yet, Khuzwayo says it is important for teachers to not repeat too often. Which is where the fifth R, Re-invent comes in. This is where educators must look at ways to continuously evolve to ensure their learners flourish.

The sixth and final R stands for Responsibility. To be a truly successful individual, Khuzwayo explains it is important for one to take responsibility for one’s actions.

With his short speech, educators felt geared up for the classrooms and for the 2019 academic year, continuing to lead the learners to greater heights.

Following Khuzwayo’s speech, the awards ceremony took place. This saw schools receive recognition and awards for culture, academics and sporting achievements.

Schools with the best achievements, highest percentage of Bachelor passes, most diplomas and high pass rates were also acknowledged.

Well done to all the schools in the Phumelela District for doing us proud, in order to help our children reach their full potential.

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