Westville couple attacked by sword-wielding fiends

It’s a Saturday afternoon, you are relaxing at home when suddenly two strange men storm into your home. Your stomach drops, the men have a weapon.

Home invasions are a harsh reality here in sunny South Africa. The criminal element showing little concern for the safety of their victims, with violence often being a factor.

On Saturday, January 26, two Westville residents narrowly escaped with their lives after being stabbed with a sword.

The couple, both in their 50s, were at home when the perpetrators broke into their home on Saturday afternoon.

According Captain Elizabeth Squires, Westville SAPS communications officer, a scuffle broke out when the men broke in. During the fight, the husband was stabbed in the chest with the sword. His wife was stabbed in the hand.

The two assailants then fled with a wallet containing an undisclosed amount of cash.

Both husband and wife were treated for their injuries at Westville Hospital, before going home later that day.

A case of house robbery is under investigation.

Do you feel burglars are becoming more brazen and violent? How do you think home invasions can be minimised? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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