Hack Attack Golf League, a new era of golfing has begun

Golf is more than a sport. It is a way of life, a passion, offering players the opportunity to rejuvenate from their daily lives, while forging lifelong friendships.

Newcastle golfing enthusiasts have much to look forward to, come this Sunday, February 3. The Hack Attack Social Golf League will be teeing off at Kilbarchan Golf Club at 8am. Offering local golfers a new era of golfing within town.

Bennie van Vuuren, the treasurer of the Hack Attack Social Golf league, explains the league began in June 2018.

“When it started, there were only eight players. However, when the league came to an end in November 2018, the league ended with 26 players.”

The club’s membership now stands 40 members strong, showing a remarkable growth rate. But the secret of its growth can be found in the dedication of the club’s management team.

“The club was started to promote golf in Newcastle. It is a casual way to relax with friends, family and it is a good sport to be involved in,” says Bennie.

Jarryd Bach, vice-president of Hack Attack Social Golf league, says several benefits can be found within the sport of golf. “It requires patience, determination and keeps you busy,” he explains.

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Bennie van Vuuren and Jarryd Bach of the Hack Attack Golf League.

But how does the Hack Attack Golf League work?

Bennie explains that participants play once a month, which is usually the first Sunday of the month.

Each player pays a certain amount of money for each game. These monies will then go towards the funds for the winner of the day, while a certain percentage will go towards the club’s funds.

There will also be a membership fee, which will cover the players’ shirts and caps. “You don’t have to be an affiliated golf member to join us or play with us,” Bennie explains.

Ensuring the golfers enjoy the league to the fullest, Bennie explains the venue is changed every month between Kilbarchan, Newcastle and Vulintaba.

“We also build an overall leader board throughout the year. Then, at the year-end function we hold a prize giving.”

While the league is still relatively new, Bennie says he hopes it will develop into a bigger community league. “We are hoping, that once we start getting funds and sponsors, to start taking in development players.”

The club is also set to do a series of tours with its members. “We will be going on tour in August, where we will go and play in the Midlands.”

Golf courses visited during the tour include the Victoria and Bosch Hoek Golf Clubs.

Offering golfers an opportunity an entirely new golfing experience, Newcastillians can contact the following people for more information on how to join the league:

President of Hack Attack Social League, Almero Roux: 072 117 2903

Vice-President, Jarryd Bach: 076 463 8619

Club Captain, Brian Boardman: 072 290 1501

Treasurer, Bennie van Vuuren: 071 866 6082.

Be sure not to miss out on this growing league, as it is sure to change the golfing community for the better.

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