Newcastle Lions Club calls all diabetic cubs in for Camp Roaring Lions

In the pursuit of making a positive impact on society, Newcastle Lions Club, under Lions Club International District 410C, is preparing for the annual Camp Roaring Lions.

Established in 1994, Camp Roaring Lions focuses on helping children, from 7 to 14 years of age with Type 1 Diabetes.

Taking place from March 8 to March 10 at the Bluff Eco Park, the children will be exposed to an array of activities.

They will learn how to manage their blood sugar levels, self-testing, administration of insulin and where and how to inject.

The children will also learn about the correct diet to follow, as well as the warning symptoms of low and high sugar levels.

Presentations will also focus on the importance of keeping a daily log of sugar levels, medication, carbohydrates and diet.

With qualified nurses, a doctor and experienced staff from the Diabetes Association and Plenty Health Food, the children will quickly learn how to manage the disease.

The camp will also see the children participate in fun-filled activities. These include presentations, talks, game and swimming.

“The children are going to have fun camp activities, including swimming and walking. They make lifelong friends and are part of a support group,” emphasises Newcastle Lions Club president, Zarina Luck. 

If your child has Type 1 diabetes and you would like them to be involved in Camp Roaring Lions, be sure to contact Newcastle Lions Club members, Nicky on 060 602 4383 or Zarina on 083 557 3627.

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