Freaky Friday: Strangest things found growing in the human body

The human body is a remarkable thing, capable of amazing feats of wonder. From conception to adulthood, the human body grows hair, nails, bones and organs whilst adapting to its enviroment.

However, there are times when the body grows more than just teeth and fingernails. Here are four of the strangest things found growing in people.

Is that a Dandelion in your ear?

Children grow a lot in the first few years of their life. However, a 16-month-old girl from China grew more than what other children usually do.

Known only as Ranran, the little girl was taken to a Beijing Hospital when her parents noticed she would not stop crying and continuously scratching her ear.

Prior to taking her to hospital, her mother looked into her ear and noticed an unusual object. But was unable to remove it.

After examining the child, the doctors at the hospital realised she had a fully-grown dandelion inside her ear. Her parents claim a seed had fallen into Ranran’s ear four months prior, but they did not take any notice until the child started crying.

Apparently, the warm, humid environment in Ranran’s ear canal provided the ideal environment for the plant to grow. However, doctors were able to remove it before it caused any permanent damage.

When your twin just won’t let you live your life

Sanju Bhagat lived his life with a rather large stomach. Never suspecting anything serious, his life changed forever in 1999.

One night, whatever was growing in his stomach started pushing against his diaphragm. Unable to breath, he was rushed to hospital and a shocking discovery was made. Believing it to be a tumour, Dr Ajay Mehta found a half-formed human being in Bhagat’s stomach.

No way!!! It seems Bhagat was carrying his half-formed twin brother since birth. This usually happens when a fetus gets trapped inside of its twin.

Still technically alive and acting as a parasite, the half-formed twin sported hair, limbs, bones and even genetalia. The twin was removed.

When veggies aren’t all that good for you….

Ron Sveden of Massachusetts, United States of America, had been battling emphysema ( a condition in which the air sacs of the lungs are damaged and enlarged, causing breathlessness. ) for months when his condition suddenly deteriorated.

Rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung, Sveden started preparing himself that doctors would diagnose him with cancer.

But after X-rays, it was discovered that while there was a growth in his lungs, it wasn’t cancer. Rather, it was a pea plant growing in his lung.

Doctors suspect that Sveden must have eaten a pea at some point, but the pea went down the wrong way, becoming lodged in his lung.

The pea then surprisingly sprouted. The 1.25cm plant was removed and Sveden made a full recovery.

Woman sprouts potato from her vagina

Yes, you read that right and I am not joking in the slightest.

In 2014, a Colombian woman was hospitalised after suffering severe lower abdominal pains. When nursing staff examined her, they saw potato roots emerging from the 22-year-old woman’s nether regions.

When a nurse questioned the woman, she said she had inserted the potato as a means of contraceptive. After all, why use a condom or the pill? They are so 20th century.

The woman claims her mother said if she didn’t want to fall pregnant, she should insert a potato into her private parts. The naïve young woman believed her mother and did it.

While potatoes don’t usually grow inside the human body, they do thrive in the dark, thus, the woman’s vagina proved to be the ideal place for it to grow.

Moral of the story? Don’t put potatoes in your genetalia and use scientifically proven contraceptives.

From dandelions, mutated twins to pea plants and potatoes, the body proves to be highly unusual and resilient. Until next week, have yourself a Freaky Friday.

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