Get ready Newcastle, the Lekker Resies is almost here

Come March 2, Newcastle is going to come alive with the Lekker Resies. An event which has become a highlight on the town’s social calendar.

The Lekker Resies began in 2007, with Johan Marais and Danie Odendaal, who initiated it as a project for the Rapportryers.

“We were looking for something new in Newcastle at that stage, a community project,” explains Marais, the project manager of the event.

With very few community orientated projects taking place in Newcastle, Marais says they decided to take the initiative and make the popular series, the Amazing Race, a local event.

“Because the Rapportryers are an Afrikaans group, we looked at the word Amazing and came up with Lekker,” he explains.

Thus, the Lekker Resies was born. A community-based event for the entire town, while serving as a fund-raiser for the Rapportryers.

Initially only 10 teams entered, but Marais says it has grown to such an extent that an average of 30 teams now enter on an annual basis. Stalls, musicians, inflatables now form a big part of the event, making it a true family and community event.

The Rapportryers have now handed the Lekker Resies event over to Amajuba School. Marais says the school still sees it as a community-driven project, in which they can give back to the community.

What do participating teams need to do?

Marais says contestants need to follow leads through town, taking part in an array of activities.  This year, the Lekker Resies will take an interesting turn.

Teams will not only have to follow leads, they will also need to take certain detours and take photos at certain locations.

The venue is at Majuba Lodge and participating teams will depart from 10am.

But the day is not just for the participating teams.

There is also paintball, archery, exhibitions, artists, games for people to enjoy. For children, there is an obstacle course for local primary schools to compete in.

With a wide selection of stalls, food stalls and the always very well supported beer tent, be sure to mark the date for an entertaining day.

Entrance fee for Newcastillians to come and enjoy the day at Majuba Lodge, is R20 per adult and R10 per child.

For more information and to enter a team, be sure to contact Johan Marais on 082 678 7321.

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