Did you know, cricket has its fair share of unusual moments and rules?

Named the gentleman’s game, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Loved by thousands of dedicated people around the globe.

However, do you know there have been some rather bizarre moments in cricket history? Here is our selection of most unusual moments in cricket history:

Bowled out by a bird:

John Inverarity, the former Australian player and chief selector, was once bowled out in one of the strangest circumstances. While playing for Western Australia, he was bowled out for a duck by Greg Chappell from South Australia.

As he started walking back to the pavilion, the umpires called him back. Why? Chappell’s delivery hit a passing swallow, causing the ball to deflect onto the stumps without Inverarity noticing.

Monkey business on the pitch:

With any sport, there is always a fair share of monkey business which results in a fair amount of laughter. But there are moments when it gets too much. During a match in Poona, India, in December 1951, a match was interrupted by a monkey running around on the field.

Maharashtra was playing an England team when the monkey decided to start sneaking towards the fielding position close to the wicket. The monkey watching the bowler with intense concentration broke the other players’ attention.

The monkey was finally chased away.

When boundaries aren’t that clear:

A Dutch team, the Fellowship of Fairly Odd Places CC, played a match that took place in two countries in 2006. How can a match take place in two countries you ask? Half the field was in Southern Holland and the other half was in Belgium. The international border went through the wicket.

While these incidents are rather strange, cricket has rather unusual rules to add. Truly making it an interesting sport.

Here are three unusual rules you might not know about:

Cricket can be played without bails:

What? Really? Yes, it is totally within the laws of cricket. The most recent incident took place on 9 June 2017. Afghanistan went up against West Indies, and due to strong winds, it was impossible for the bails to be placed on stumps.

Helmets can be costly:

If the ball strikes a fielder’s helmet, while it is on the field and not worn by the player, five penalty runs can be given to the batting side.

Timing is everything:

As cricket is a gentleman’s game, it is important to remember a gentleman is never late. A batsman taking more than 3 minutes to come out and take guard, may not get the chance to play at all.

Did you know any of these rather unusual rules and incidents? Do you know of any other unusual cricket rules and occurrences? If you do, let us know in the comments section below.

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