Freaky Friday: Bizarre facts to blow your mind

The world is an amazing place, filled with an array of beautiful places and extraordinary people. But, it seems there are some rather bizarre happenings in both mankind’s history and the universe around us.

Here is our selection of six of the most bizarre facts:

Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire

What? Believe it or not, Oxford University predates the Aztec Empire by approximately 200 years.

Teaching at Oxford University began in 1096, while the founding of Tenochtitlán in 1325 marked the start of the Aztec civilization. No wonder the British like to boast about their high standard of education.

France was still using the guillotine when Star Wars: A New Hope was released

When one hears about the French and the guillotine, the first thing that pops into your mind is the French Revolution. After all, an execution device like the guillotine has no place in a “civilised era”. However, when Star Wars: A New Hope was released on 25 May 1977, France was still using the guillotine.

The last person executed by the guillotine was on 10 September 1977. How bizarre. The French must have really liked the phrase: “Heads up!”

Did Sherlock Holmes really exist, while Sir Winston Churchill is fictional?

Approximately 3 000 British teenagers participated in a survey by UKTV Gold, in which they were asked about various famous historical people, both fictional and real-life individuals. A staggering 58% of the teenagers said Sherlock Holmes was real, while 20% said Winston Churchill was fictional. How scary is that…about that high level of British education

This just shows how TV and motion pictures have distorded our percetpion of reality and history.

Woman tricks doctors in believing she gave birth to rabbits

How does a woman trick doctors into believing that she gave birth to rabbits? Apparently, it is rather simple.

In 1726, a woman by the name of Mary Toft fooled doctors into believing she gave birth to rabbits by inserting young rabbits into her nether regions and then pushing them out, as if “birthing” them. And here I was thinking my ex was crazy.

She was eventually caught out and she confessed in December 1726. She was imprisoned and released on April 8, 1727.

Mike the headless chicken, aka Miracle Mike

This is a rather bizarre story to say the least. In 1945, a farmer in Colorado beheaded a chicken. However, he missed its jugular vein and left one ear and most of its brain intact. He must have been a bad farmer.

The bird went on to survive 18 months, with the farmer feeding a mixture of milk and water through its exposed oesophagus. The story of the chicken spread and the farmer started a sideshow tour and charged people 25 cents to meet Mike.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the farmer keeping the headless chicken as a pet or people willing to pay money to see it.

If the sun explodes, it will take eight minutes before we realise what’s happened

This is because it takes eight minutes for light to travel to earth from the sun. So, if the sun exploded 7 minutes and 55 seconds ago, that means….

Never mind, it seems we are still good for another day. Until next time, have yourself a Freaky Friday!!

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