Drakensberg Primary rings in a new tradition

A sense of celebration surges through Drakensberg Primary School. A pulse of excitement emanating from the learners.

Friday, January 11, marks a special occasion for Drakensberg Primary. A new tradition is born. A tradition which is set to give learners a sense of belonging.

The Grade 7s and the prefects of 2018 wanted to depart the primary school with something memorable. An item which will touch the hearts and lives of every learner at the school. But what could they leave behind?

Janu Badenhorst is the first Grade 1 in the school’s history to ring the bell.

A clock tower was decided on. On their first day of school, Grade 1 learners will ring the bell as they enter the school. Thereby, making them an official part of the Drakensberg Primary family.

Then, Grade 7 learners will ring the bell on their last day of school as they bid their familiar surroundings farewell.

Candiss Nell encouraging learners to express their school pride.

Candiss Nell, the school’s governing body’s secretary, encourages the learners to ring the bell with pride. She explains traditions form more than a school’s history. Tradition creates a culture, memories and gives people a sense of belonging. For the learners of Drakies, they will forever be a part of their primary school. Whenever the bell rings, it will echo the laughter and love in the school.

Prem Bhagwandas, the circuit manager for the school, and Drakensberg Primary School Principal, Pieter Hanekom, during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Taking part in the ribbon cutting was Prem Bhagwandas, the circuit manager for the school. His presence adding to the value of the day.

After the ribbon cutting, each Grade 1 learner had an opportunity to ring the bell. Starting 2019 on a high note.


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