Liana Engelbrecht is back and has her eyes set on a prosperous 2019

When it comes to eye care, Liana Englebrecht is an optometrist who resonates professionalism. Her passion for her patients, practice and career is unrivalled.

In July 2018, Liana fell exceptionally ill and spent the better half of the year in an array of hospitals. “I had meningitis which affected my nervous system.”

At one stage, she was unable to even walk. Her health sustaining a serious knock, she was unable to work for the remainder of 2018.

However, after receiving the necessary medical assistance, Liana is now the image of perfect health, being back at work since January 7. Returning to her practice is like a sigh of relief for her. Not only because she is healthy, but because of her love for her work.

Liana, Newcastillian

“Seeing my first patient again, reminded me why I do what I do. I truly love my work and the people I interact with,” Liana says.

Her patients are just as excited to see her back at the helm of the practice. People are booking appointments left, right and centre, why? Because Liana makes it her goal to find the root of the problem, giving patients a unique experience and great result.

During her time off from work, recovering from her bout of illness, Liana says she is thankful to everyone who stood by her side. “I’m thankful for the community and all my patients who were willing to wait for me to return. I truly appreciate it.”

She also thanks her staff for showing undying support and loyalty during the time.

With her health now fully restored, Liana says she was taught a valuable lesson during her time off from work. “It is through God’s grace that I am back and fully recovered. A person must never take their health for granted. Savour every moment you have.”

As Liana begins 2019, she is sure to take her passion for eye care and the community to new levels. Welcome back Liana, you are truly an amazing person.

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