Conference to ensure teachers strive to maintain excellence in education

The Amajuba District can hold its head up high. The district sports the highest pass rate for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) in KwaZulu-Natal.

But, how does one continue ensuring the district maintains its excellent pass rate? Teachers from the Amajuba District taking part in a tourism orientation workshop on January 10 want to know.

Taking place at Ferrum High School, the workshop was spearheaded by Busi Danisa, Senior Education Specialist for Tourism and Life Orientation.

Danisa commends teachers for often going the extra mile for their learners. At times sacrificing their personal time, to ensure learners understand their relevant subjects.

“We would not have achieved the first position in the province without the efforts of the teachers. You often put in extra hours, sometimes even working during the holidays.”

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But in order to ensure matriculants continue excelling at school, one needs to look at issues found throughout the school year and the NSC exams.

As tourism teachers, they meticulously went through the exam paper. Issues range from the incorrect usage of certain abbreviations and the inability to answer certain questions in cohesive paragraphs. Another issue is what needs to be done when learners don’t follow the regulated formulas but still get the correct answers.

“We need to start teaching the children solely in English, as the exams are in English. You are not benefitting the child if you do not teach them in English,” Danisa explains.

Through teaching learners in English, Danisa says the children will be able to write cohesive paragraphs and excel in their exams.

Furthermore, Danisa encourages teachers to work alongside government officials within the education department. By joining hands, she explains the best interests of the learners can always be put forward. This, she emphasises, can ensure the Amajuba District can maintain its level of excellence.

Teachers were also able to learn more about their subject, through the assistance of Sibonelo Nzimande. A man who is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to tourism and business.

For the past eight years, Sibonelo Nzimade has been the manager of the Tourism Department at Newcastle Municipality. Working in the municipality and promoting tourism, lead him to start the forward-thinking company, T.R.I.C.

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He gave an in-depth discussion on the role tourism plays in the country and in our very town. Through its knowledge, teachers are now able to guide their learners on the path to excel in the subject.

Calvin Swemmer, director of Pixelfish Marketing and The Newcastillian, addressed faculty members on the importance of digital marketing and media. Through the power of social and digital media, Swemmer explains how the education department and teachers can showcase their best performing schools and learners with ease and efficiency.

learners, Newcastillian

Swemmer elaborates even further, explaining how information can be shared, effectively and at extremely low costs by schools and the department of education. Thereby, allowing the schools, staff members and learners to grow and stay informed.

The workshop proved to be an educational experience for the guests. Teachers can now use the knowledge to provide their learners with the necessary knowledge to conquer the opportunities life has to offer.

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