From president to recording artist, Jacob Zuma to record album

Former South African president, Jacob Zuma, is no stranger to controversy. But following his removal from the presidency last year for multiple fraud charges, it seems he refuses to fade from the limelight.

Zuma is planning to record an album of apartheid-era struggle songs. An idea which sees a political row underway as opposition politicians view the project as a taxpayer-funded-waste of money.

He plans to record the album in front of a live audience in April this year. The album will have his trademark song, Awuleth’ Umshini Wami (Bring Me My Machine Gun), on the playlist.

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Why are opposition politicians calling it a taxpayer-funded-waste of money? Surely if Zuma wants to pursue a music career, he will have to foot bill. Won’t he? Apparently not.

The eThekwini Culture Department confirms it will finance the album. Apparently, the funds will come from the municipal department’s budget for the Arts and Living Legends project.

The head of department, Thembinkosi Ngcobo, says the aim of the album is to preserve history for the current and future generations.

DA councillor Nicole Graham is fuming about the decision that the album will be funded with taxpayers’ money.

She feels the record deal is unacceptable. Especially as South African people’s money will help fund Zuma’s lifestyle.

However, Ngcobo claims the record deal would boost economic development by promoting cultural activities.

Furthermore, Ngcobo says Zuma will not be paid or receive any profits from the album. Instead, Zuma is apparently giving his time to preserve and disseminate the people’s liberation heritage.

With the album set to be released shortly before the upcoming elections and Zuma’s ongoing lawsuit, do you think he will benefit from the album? What are your thoughts about the public having to fund the album?

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