Factory Plaza creates warm environment with new entrance

Factory Plaza offers more than a mere shopping experience. It is an establishment which is creating a fun-filled family environment and shopping paradise.

The Factory Plaza is undertaking a series of renovations, which are set to uplift the community’s experience. But what do these renovations entail?

One of the renovations entails the entrance to the Factory Plaza. No longer will shoppers use the front entrance which so many have gotten used to. Instead, the side and back entrance will be used.

Plaza, Newcastillian
Mike Villiers and Ingrid Conradie at the side entrance, which is starting to resemble an Italian Village.

Why the change?

In January 2018, torrential rains saw certain areas of Newcastle adversely affected. The Factory Plaza was one of those places.

“We want to eliminate the chance of future possible floods affecting us,” explains Dina Tseng.

The renovations do not end there. The side entrance is now beginning to resemble an Italian village.

Ingrid Conradie, Factory Plaza’s Marketing Manager, explains the establishment’s management decided to make the entrance resemble shop fronts to add to the warmth of the Factory Plaza.

“We like quirky art, and this creates an environment for the entire family,” she says.

What makes the art alongside the side entrance so unique, is that it is entirely hand-painted by one of the establishment’s staff.

The extremely talented, Mike Villiers is putting in meticulous work to ensure the entrance looks unique. His artwork is sure to leave shoppers amazed as they enter the Factory Plaza.

Plaza, Newcastillian
Ingrid Conradie enjoying one of the new photo corners in the Factory Plaza.


Further renovations are in the pipeline. Until they materialise, be sure to make your way to the establishment and admire the work which is already done.

Adding to the entertainment section, shopping and eating establishments in the Factory Plaza, the renovations are sure to tantalise your artistic side, while encouraging a family-orientated environment.

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